Fire Safety Tips for Dry Weather

Chris Ledford Fort Worth

Chris Ledford, Fort Worth

Since 2008, Chris Ledford has served as a firefighter with the City of Fort Worth, Texas. In this role, Chris Ledford strives to protect the lives of the people of Fort Worth.

When the weather becomes dry, citizens must take extra care to avoid fires. This begins with working smoke detectors in all indoor spaces, although these do not protect against outdoor blazes.

Experts recommend that anyone cooking outdoors should keep a working grill away from homes, decks, and trees, as well as from any social groupings. Users of gas grills must make sure that the lid is open before lighting a flame, just as those lighting charcoal grills should take care to add lighter fluid only before striking a match. Charcoal should cool thoroughly, and receive a water bath, before anyone attempts to discard the goals, and all grilling activities should end with removal of any built-up grease deposits.

Children and animals should always be three feet away from any open flame, which includes grills as well as fire pits and bonfires. Open fires should only occur well away from yard waste, tree debris, and anything else flammable. Finally, backyard celebrations must never include fireworks, as these are safe only for professional use.