Goodwill Job Training and Career Exploration

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Fort Worth resident Chris Ledford gives back to his community outside of his work as a firefighter. One way Chris Ledford helps the city of Fort Worth is through his work with the local Goodwill store, which helps those who need assistance with employment or job placement.

One of the pillars of the Goodwill approach is its investment in helping people get training for new jobs. This training can be undertaken in person or online. In-person training varies from area to area, as Goodwill partners with local training providers such as community colleges and some for-profit colleges. Some training leads to training certificates or college degrees, while other training simply helps people develop useful job skills. Online resources include career exploration and skills training opportunities as well as Through these online resources, people can pursue new skills in areas like Microsoft Office and money management at their own pace. These resources are available in both English and Spanish.